Carbon: Prologue – Part II

Novel: Sci-fi fantasy

How dare you.” Her voice cracked from terror and indignation. She kept her eyes and the knife trained on Dmitri, but spoke to Hilt. “You come into my house bringing that with you?”

Hilt paid her no attention. “Dmitri?”

Dmitri looked at him and, seeing something in Hilt’s expression, the snarl dropped from his face. The blood seemed to seep into his skin as he took it in, until there was no trace of it left. With a final soft exhale of breath, he was back to normal, once again the same round boyish face half-hidden by dust-colored hair. No indication of what he had just done, was capable of. Continue reading

Carbon: Prologue – Part I

Novel: Sci-fi fantasy

She took Hilt’s wrist in her hand, inspecting the soft brown skin there as if looking for scars…or veins. Her other hand had been at her belt, but she brought it around now. It held a small knife.

Hilt pulled his arm from her grasp, caught her grip on the knife and twisted. She gave a cry as it clattered to the floor.

“What then,” she hissed. “Do you not know our currency?”

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