Black Heart – Chapter IV Part VI

Novel: Horror

It wouldn’t be dark for long, but it was still dark.  Lightning was flashing in the distance and rain was starting to fall in a mist that the freezing wind was blowing around in a frenzy.  Bryan ducked his head against it and marched.  The station was just three blocks away.  Hussein’s words repeated over and over in his head.

Busy work.  Busy work.

Is that what they had all been doing all this time?  Running around capturing demons that only multiplied more and more every night, proliferating faster than they could catch.  Looking busy.  Looking like they were preventing some catastrophe.  But the catastrophe was coming regardless.

…they’re coming here.

Bryan’s brain kept trying to throw up defenses against the inevitable: we can fight them, we can defeat them.  But he had only to remind himself that countless other Earths had likewise fought and lost.  Once the gates were finally open all the way, how many demons and eternally Possesseds would file through?  A world-full?  How could anyone defend against that?

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Black Heart – Chapter IV Part V

Novel: Horror


He snorted awake and looked up to see Sonia.  Her unruly hair was pulled back into two puffballs at her shoulders.

“Hey,” he croaked, pushing himself up.  There was a crick in his neck from slumping in the hard seat.

“What are you doing here?”  She smiled, amused that he had been napping in her class.  Two other students – a teen boy and girl – stood with her, staring at Bryan in awe.  He could practically hear their thoughts.  THE Bryan?  Woah.

He wanted to slump back down in the chair again.

“I…ah…I’m not sure actually.”  He realized they were all looking down at him, so he stood, scratching his head as if confused.  “I just needed to go someplace quiet, but not too quiet.  You know?”

Her smile turned lopsided.  “Not really.”

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Black Heart – Chapter IV Part IV

Novel: Horror

“You with me?” Hussein said.

Bryan nodded and pushed himself into a sitting position.  He was shivering.  The room felt ice cold after the heat of the demon.

“Everyone out,” Hussein ordered, “except Harper.  Connors, get everyone to work.  Someone bring blankets from the lounge.”

“I’ll do that,” Cam said, his voice hollow.

“You shouldn’t have stopped,” Cantrell said as the others filed out.  He was clearly planning to stay in the room.  “We only got bits and pieces here.”

“If you’re going to stay here, keep quiet,” Hussein told him.

“You may be a Possessed, but that doesn’t give you the right to insubordination.”

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