I took a road trip.  Can you tell?


When we drive through the mountains tonight, you may see a line of lights in the distance, traveling down a hillside. It may look like a line of cars driving down a dusty road, but if you look closer and harder you will see they are candles. If you look even closer and harder you will see the ones carrying the candles.

But look no closer, and strain your eyes no further, for if you see into the eyes of the candle bearers and they see into your eyes, you will join them in their never-ending march down the mountain.

The Screech Owls – Chapter I Part III

Novel: Fantasy Horror

Except the air grew warmer. Cole stopped shivering and Edward felt heat on his bare skin as if the moon were radiating warmth much as the sun had seemed to radiate cold.

“Where the fuck are we?” Edward hissed. Without the walk to distract him, his thoughts were centered on the question. He had died, that much he knew. Or had he? Was he dreaming, still in the process of dying in the bathtub? Had his mom come home early, and found him and rushed him to a hospital, and he would wake up in a hospital bed just like Cole had fallen asleep in one? For all his desire to keep Cole safe, was he just imagining him?

If this was a dream, surely he could change the scenery, or fly, or something if he knew it was a dream. But he stayed in the dark beside a crumbling wall and the air grew thick and hot and stifling. Cole took off the thick shirt and leaned against Edward, though they were both sweltering. His shoulder against Edward’s side felt warm and real.

Edward wanted to sleep, but couldn’t. He stared at the hot moon and ground his teeth, searching for an answer in it, and searching for stars.

There were no stars.

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The Screech Owls – Chapter I Part II

Novel: Fantasy Horror

“We should go,” he said aloud, and looked around yet again, though nothing had changed in the landscape. “There’s bound to be someone somewhere.”

But there was no path. The ground was dry dust all around, the trees were clustered all around, there was nothing in the distance. He looked up at the sun, but he had no idea whether it was rising or setting.

“What way do you think?” he asked Cole.

Cole didn’t even think about it. He pointed into the trees. “That way.”

“Why not.” He picked up the ridiculous hideous helmet and stepped in that direction.

“Your ax.”

Edward stopped and looked back at it. It looked like it weighed eighty pounds. “Yeah right.”

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The Screech Owls – Chapter I Part I

Novel: Fantasy Horror

He looked up, and saw that although the sky was gray the sun shone bright as if there was no cloud cover at all. But despite the sun the air was so cold Edward could see the breath of the boy puffing frantically. He couldn’t see his own breath though; there was something covering his face.

He took off the thing on his head and looked at it – a sinister black helmet that completely hid his face, with small pointy horns and something of a beak – and the boy stilled. They looked at each other for a moment, and Edward remembered slicing his wrists in the bathtub, the water turning first pink and then red.

“I thought you were one of them,” the boy said. He was maybe twelve years old.

“Who?” Edward asked.

“The screech owls.”

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The Screech Owls: Prologue

Oh, this story. I hadn’t intended to write this book; I had real books all planned out but then this happened. I have to write it, but you don’t have to read it. It’s kind of a dreamy journey thing where not much happens. I’m convinced it’s pretty much unpublishable.

TRIGGER WARNING: I don’t usually bother with trigger warnings, but this first part contains a detailed description of a suicide. You can skip this part if needed and start from the first chapter. If you even want to read this thing.

Novel: Fantasy Horror

He turned up the music on his headphones so he could hear Amanda Palmer over the water rushing from the faucet. He left the tub to fill and watched the steam creep over the mirror. He ran his hands through his dark hair, trying to settle a few strands. Then he looked at his thin arms and scrawny chest.

Faggot. The word fell into Edward’s mind like a weight, but he didn’t look away from his reflection. Look. See what everyone else sees.

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Black Heart – Epilogue

THAT’S ALL OF IT GUUUYYYSSSS!!!  Another book will be on the way.

Novel: Horror

It was midnight on Monday September 1st, and Kiyoko was leaving the Office for the night. Andrade had relieved her of duty, and though she had been livid at the dismissal, a part of her was nevertheless glad for the break. They could afford to take breaks now; the demons were more or less cleaned up, only the stragglers needing to be captured. The rest had wandered outside the city, where the county and forestry branches would have to track them down. The gates no longer functioned – they were closed forever.

She climbed the metal staircase to the Elevated platform, thinking again of the reports. She hadn’t been able to be there, of course. She had been tasked with keeping an Eternal down until 8 AM had come and gone, wondering the entire time whether he would truly do as he had said he would. She had wanted to believe him, but at the same time she hadn’t believed it possible for him to subvert what would at that time be his nature. Plagued by doubt, she had stood over the Eternal, cutting into it over and over.

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Black Heart – Chapter XI Part III

Novel: Horror

The pain was incredible, as if the searing in his torso had spread to all the rest of him – every limb and digit and his head. He was momentarily gripped by panic and fear and inability to function, but then he passed through that and the pain was a part of him. It belonged, and he was whole. He was himself, more himself than he had ever been. He could see now that he had been only a part of a being previously; that accounted for the loneliness he had felt, the desire to be close to other partial beings, the fear felt in dark rooms at night that something was out there that could overtake him. There was no Bryan and no gamma now. He was simply he. He could remember being a child at the cabin on the lake, with his mother and father, and he could remember being born of the waste, of the absence of life in the dust and mud, and both memories were him.

He was putting his body back together – soaking in the blood and raveling the insides back in, even pulling the bits of intestine out from the stomach to throat to mouth of the other Eternal, who was a mess herself but she was also knitting back together. A human aeon was there, had moved away from him and cowered on the ground as he rose, blood still flowing like rivers through cracks in the pavement, running up his legs and into his stomach. The aeon screamed again and crawled backwards from him.

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Black Heart – Chapter XI Part II

Novel: Horror

You left the Eternal. It will be there. It will be waiting. Just let me in now.

“Quit nagging me!” But he knew it was right. He knew because it knew it was right. He should take it now. That would be the sensible thing to do. But he was frightened.

Someone was in the street in front of him. He turned the wheel to go around them but

It’s her!

the figure was crimson. An intense wave of force came out from it and Bryan’s car flipped end over front. Bryan tumbled and glass showered in a flurry around him. The car landed on its top and spun, finally coming to a stop after what felt like minutes but had only been seconds.

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Black Heart – Chapter XI Part I

Novel: Horror

The way to the Office wasn’t clear. One demon drifted down the street as if going for a leisurely stroll, but Bryan could see three more in the buildings beside it. He had to double back and take the next street over, and two miles later the same thing happened. This time five demons were clustered in the road and sidewalk, chasing the stray car that happened by. Bryan saw them far off enough that they posed little threat to him, but it wasted his time to redirect his route. He could have just taken one of them, allowed them in. It would have saved time. But he had already chosen.

The cops at the Office doors stopped him until he pulled his badge back out. He wanted to shove them out of the way and shout at them: You just saw me you imbeciles. Instead he told them they should come inside; the streets were unsafe. As he darted in the door they gave him fearful looks, as if to say Even the Office guy is panicking.

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Black Heart – Chapter X Part IV

End of this chapter

Novel: Horror

The barman broke the silence by asking the old man what he used to do in his younger days.

They passed hours in idle chatter about days past. It was as if they had unspokenly established a rule: no demon talk. Bryan said he pushed paper at an insurance company and had women trouble and his father had just passed away from cancer and a car accident had sliced his arm open, and the two men nodded at the normal problems he wove. When the old man – Bryan never did learn their names – said he had better go home, the barman stretched and said he had better be off too, though he didn’t say where to. Out in the 4 AM breeze, he breathed deep as if the air were fresh, though it was just as smokey as earlier. The old man was already hobbling down the street, eager for bed.

“I’m sure you’ve got work to get to in the morning, eh?” The barman winked at Bryan as he tapped the end of his bat down on the sidewalk – tonk, tonk, tonk. “Lots of insurance forms gonna be heading your way.”

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