The Fallowing – The Third, Part I

Happy unseasonably warm holidays everyone!

Novel: Occult Adventure

The storm came without warning. No darker night or red morning sky had preceded its coming. It was sudden and hard and relentless, the wind driving and the snow pelting. Sam and I marched through it, our head and faces bundled so tight around our goggles not a breath of cold air hit our flesh. Still, we were exhausted, having fought against the elements for miles. But we kept on, knowing that the highway must lead to some shelter – if not a house or restaurant, then some gas station. At least we hoped we were still on the highway. It had been some time since we had seen a sign through the blinding white, and the snow blanketing the ground hid all other traces of the roads.

I spied something ahead. An exit sign. I poked at Sam, who looked up wearily. The trek through freshly-fallen snow had hit him hard. I pointed up and right. We were taking the off-ramp.

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The Fallowing – Interlude II, Part III

Or: Sawicki Still Has Writer’s Block and Puts a Spider in the Room

Novel: Occult Adventure

I swallowed hard, suddenly back on the bed in Sam’s room.

“I never heard my father call my name again. I had hit that thing well enough that it gave up on me. I sat in the house with my rifle for weeks but it never came back. So I went after it.”

Sam was silent for several minutes. Finally I flipped over, propped myself up on my elbows, and looked at him. “Whatever. We got the bastard. And we’ll get the others.”

Sam didn’t look back at me. He stared at a point somewhere to the left of the cake, looking as grim as I’ve ever seen him. “I would,” he spoke softly, “say I’m sorry, but you would hate that, wouldn’t you?”

“I’d thank you for recognizing that.” I lay back down, on my side. Recalling the memory had worn me out despite the sugary cake.

I was about to speak again when I noticed something move in the corner of the ceiling.

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