Black Heart – Chapter I Part VI

We rejoin the novel just in time for some exposition!

Novel: Horror

Two hours before sunset, all 47 Spotters and 29 Possessed – what remained after last night – were crowded in classroom 1, a room typically used for training and seminars.  The tiny uncomfortable seats with those little desktops that rotate into place were all filled, and some people had notepads or laptops laid out on them, expecting crucial information they shouldn’t forget.  Cam waved to Bryan from the standing room at the back as he passed by, and waving back Bryan made his way to his saved seat at the front by the podium.  The position promised that he would be called up before the group.

Hussein was seated behind the front desk along with a couple of other higher-ups.  The room hushed expectantly when he stood, as if everyone held their breath at once.

“First order of business,” he said “is the beta that was caught last night.”  He recounted the events from what Bryan and Andrade had told him.  Thankfully he left out details of the beating Bryan had taken, only saying that the demon was very dangerous, had broken through a barrier, and attacked.  Then he called Bryan up front.

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Unearthed – Part III

Last part.  If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you check out parts one and two first.

Short Story: Horror? Psychological Vampire Thing

One night he ushers me and Hamidi into the car. “I will show you another way to hunt,” he tells me.

As we motor away from my house I feel a moment of panic, as if I’ll never see it again. I watch Alexander steer the wheel back and forth minutely, and he notices me looking.

“I will teach you to drive one night,” he says.

I balk. “I couldn’t. What if I broke it?”

“Then we’d get another. There are millions of these things.”

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Unearthed – Part II

Short Story: Horror? Psychological Vampire Thing

I am alone. I am a part of the earth and the wood housing me within that earth and the darkness surrounding it all and nothing more. A worm winds its way through a rotted hole in a board and crawls over my arm and I reach out and grab it, bring it to my mouth. It explodes between my teeth but I get no pleasure from it. I still crave. I’m still alone.

My eyes fly open and I sit upright with a jerk. I’m twisted in my bedsheets. The candles are blazing; we never let them go out entirely. I untangle myself and stand and go to the corner, where a pile of blankets and pillows lie. Alexander and most of my “siblings” are there, dogpiled and fast asleep. I’ve tried to be one of the stubborn ones, insisting on keeping my own bed, but I understand now what brings us all to sleep beside each other. As I lay with them I can’t hear their heartbeats, there is no inhale or exhale of breaths, there is no body heat. But still I need to be there with them.

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Unearthed – Part I

This will be posted in several parts.

Short Story: Horror? Psychological Vampire Thing

I hear the shifting of earth above me and think little of it. I’ve long ago quit the attempt to escape my coffin. The marks from my fingernails on the lid are old and worn, etched a million times over in the rotten wood. I once managed to fracture a board in the side of the box, splintering it and letting a small amount of dirt trickle in, but that was my greatest achievement in my fight against the grave that imprisoned me. As the centuries passed, I grew weaker, my will dissolved, and though my ravenous hunger for something I could not identify did not diminish, I learned to live with it.

The sounds above me intensify. I think perhaps I am dreaming, as I used to dream so long ago of digging through the earth with my hands to emerge into the surface. I do still have hazy memories of grass and sun and the faces of people I once knew so well, but they’re only shadows in my mind. Cold and without detail. Certainly I have not always lain in the ground. Surely.

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Black Heart – Chapter I Part V

Novel: Horror

“They could have called me in,” Bryan growled to him.  “I wasn’t infirm.”

“You couldn’t have done anything.  You’re assuming you would have gotten there in time.  And what if you had gone and got possessed too?  It could have overtaken you easily with your state.”

“Well, we’ll never know, will we?”

I know.  I was there.”

Bryan stared at him.  “You didn’t say you were – ”

“I don’t want to announce it.  I don’t want to talk about it.  But Rogge wasn’t the only one to die.  You would have been mincemeat.”

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Black Heart – Chapter I Part IV

The Office’s name is just a placeholder for now, much as I like the acronym it creates.

Novel: Horror

His cell rang, waking him.  He had left it in his coat pocket, and he had to stumble over to the chair he had tossed the coat onto.  He fished the phone out and answered without looking at who it was.

“’Ello,” he murmured.

“Bryan, it’s Hussein.  Did I wake you?”

Bryan straightened up as if Hussein had walked into the room.  “Naw – no, sir.”

“Of course I did.  I had to check on you though.  Are you okay?”

“Yes, just a bit murky still.  I’ll be fine by tomorrow…”  He noticed the dim light of morning was seeping through the curtains and amended “tonight.  Are you still at work?”

“It couldn’t be helped.  First Andrade’s report and then…  Well, you’ll find out tomorrow.”

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Black Heart – Chapter I Part III

Not sure about the flirty banter in this part.  Might scrap it.

Novel: Horror

“You need to show this to the office,” she added.  “And then take the rest of the night off.  You look like hell.”

“I feel like hell.”  There had been some physical damage – the cut on his arm, a minor concussion – but the mental damage couldn’t be measured by anything in the ambulance.  He was utterly exhausted as if he hadn’t slept in days and his ability to focus was dulled.  This wasn’t typical; he could feel sick and slimy after a possession but nothing like this.  It was the result of the fourth demon trying to fight its way into his body.  He couldn’t imagine what it would be like to let it possess him.

“You could have died,” Andrade said.  “Betas killed four Possessed in Germany alone, and Japan’s worse off even than that.”

“Maybe I’m a prodigy.”  Again, he meant to seem cocky but only came off tired.

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Black Heart – Chapter I Part II

Novel: Horror

It drifted through the walls, attracted by the commotion.  Perhaps thinking that the excitement meant food.  It saw Bryan as he was putting away the sealed card and charged at him, seeing that he was life and ready to fight the demon already possessing him like lions fighting over a kill.  Bryan reached into the demon’s bag of tricks again, again stinging his nerve endings, and sent up a barrier.  It wasn’t visible, but the approaching demon bounced off it and approached again.  It pinged against it like a fly at a window, soft red light going forward and back, forward and back.

Bryan growled at the mindless thing and etched the circle of fire, brought down the barrier, and reined the demon into another card.

He looked up.  The third was still above, hadn’t yet noticed him.  As he let his grip on his possessor’s power release, light began to seep back into his surroundings, but slowly.  He felt more than saw his way to the stairs at the end of the hallway, tripping once over a corpse.  He could have used his demon’s powers to map out the hotel in his mind, bodies included, but the human body and mind could only take so much abuse, and though things were pretty routine so far he had to allot for the unexpected.  Not that he expected any unexpectedness, but it had been drilled into him: only take what you need.

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Black Heart – Chapter I Part I

It’s a new book!  Here we go!

Novel: Horror

Bryan showed his ID at the barricade.  The policeman there ushered him in like a tardy schoolboy and asked something he couldn’t hear through his muffled eardrums and the honking of the redirected traffic and the chatter of the crowd he was leaving behind at the caution tape.

Again he wondered why were there always crowds.  Was everyone suicidal?  Don’t they know these things go wrong?

The cop said something else and Bryan nodded to get rid of him.  Cops were like gnats once they knew who you were.

The cop clung to him anyway, leading him to Andrade, as if he wouldn’t know where she would be.  She was there at the front of the commotion, nearest the doors to the hotel, where the cops didn’t dare venture.  Mr. Cop pointed to her and then stood nearby the two of them – though sufficiently away from the hotel – as if awaiting a thank you or instructions.  As if he could be of use.

“You’re up,” Andrade said.  “First one here.”

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