It Decided

From a visual prompt from Horror Writing Prompts.

Drabble: Steampunk maybe?

It clicked and whirred, gears grinding as it hobbled down the street. She walked before him, the sunlight glistening in her fair curls, swinging her arms like they blew in the wind. It had decided today was the day.

In the shade of a building it reached out for her with a hand of creaking metal and touched her yielding skin. She swung around, gasped, shrank back against the wall. It reached out again as she clutched at her breast, her eyes wide and frightened.

It wanted to tell her. But it had no mouth.

She ran, like the wind.


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Drabble: ?

We think it was four weeks ago the electricity pylons on Michigan Avenue between 14th and 15th started growing taller.

No one noticed at first, and if they did they didn’t want to admit it was happening, so we can’t say when exactly it started. But it started, slowly at first and then taller and taller, faster and faster.

As they rose up the electrical lines extended too, and after a while it was difficult to see the tops of the pylons at all.

Then the tops were completely lost in the clouds.

We can only wonder where they’re going.