The Fallowing – The First, Part IV

Final part.  Now onto the next chapter!

Novel: Occult adventure

Several carcasses lay in a widespread pile.  A deer and a rat were the recognizable ones, and I suspect the largest was a wild cat.  It was hard to tell most of them, because they lay flayed with their innards strewn about.  Blood glistened, iced over the meat and the floor.  I realized now that what I took to be carpet or rugs was in fact layers of torn skins.

It had slept here.

And God, it had been busy.

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The Fallowing – The First, Part III

Novel: Occult adventure

Most would think it difficult to hide in a black coat in the snow, and perhaps for many it is.  But it comes easily to me.  I need only seek out the shadows, the spaces where one not only doesn’t look, but also doesn’t want to look.

My father taught me much of this.

The thing I hunted taught me the rest.

I think personal talent also helps a bit.

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