The Stories

The Books:

The Fallowing: Start Here – In the midst of a snowy apocalyptic wasteland, a young woman hunts the monster that took her father, and finds there’s more than one monster to destroy.  Status: Complete.

Black Heart: Start Here – The world has been invaded by malignant and disastrous spirits, and only a select few have the ability to capture them.  It’s like some sort of twisted Pokemon wherein everyone has anger management issues.  Status: In Progress.

Carbon: just a prologue and a character study for now – When a child of prophecy decides he doesn’t much care for fulfilling prophecies, he finds himself the target of a series of plots and intrigues.  A crazy epic with magic and robots.  I might even finish it someday.  Status: In Progress.

The Stories:

The End

It Comes Back




The Watcher

Midnight Train

Give it Back

The Speed of Sound


Building the Bones

One A.M.

The Movie

My Phobia

The Drabbles:

What’s Behind

The Gathering

The Recording

She’s at the Window

The Orphans

Moonlight – An Absence



I’ve Been Seeing You

Give Me that Back

I Dreamt of You

The Reflection’s Fault