Black Heart – Chapter VI Part V

I still don’t know if this type of break room would sell food, and maybe I should call it a cafeteria.  But Bryan needed a sandwich.

Novel: Horror

At 12:40 he got word that the synagogue had been contained.  Hussein was rubbing sleep from his eyes as he answered Bryan’s knocks.  The emails waiting for him told them DC had contained perfectly their own building – an empty church – at 10:30.  LA was certain they had found their own gate in a ruined Sikh temple and was gathered and waiting for it to open.

“I’m not used to all this good news,” Hussein said, shuffling the papers on his desk.  “I’m waiting for notification of a meeting on how to manage all this good news.”

“Can I have my demons back?” Bryan said.  He wasn’t aware that the question came out of nowhere.  It had been on his mind all night, and now was a strategically good time to ask, while Hussein was in a good mood.

“No,” was all Hussein said, his demeanor changing entirely.

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The Naming

I wasn’t going to post today, but it’s my birthday, so I should post a birthday post or something.  Here’s an old old story of mine that was once published on a webzine that no longer exists.  It’s got issues, but I’m not going to read through it and fix them cause it’s tooooo old.  Like me.

Short Story: Horror

The old man shuffled around the perimeter, his body stooped, his eyes downcast.  Even now the boy moved his hand over the machine’s surface, his face radiating ecstasy, and as he turned his attention to the old man his eyes widened in expectation.

“Is it ready?” he said, his breath a reverent whisper.

“You know as well as I do,” sighed the old man.  “We have done our best with it, yes.”

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