3 thoughts on “The End

  1. I had a hard time reading this one, mostly because I’m worried about my mom’s health (we don’t know what she has, if it’s cancer or not, but whatever it is, it’s serious.)

    There are people who believe they’re someone or something else in some other universe or dimension. That they are a being residing in two bodies at one time. That they have this psychic connection with some creature or being. A tiger, a bird, a better person.

    I found this part intriguing. I had a story idea I was working on where I toyed with this concept, a little bit.

    You seem to mention 2 different things here: someone with 2 bodies at once, and someone with a connection to a certain type of creature. Maybe you meant for that to be the same thing, but to me at least the second one sounds more general. Like a person has a connection with birds or tigers, rather than to a specific bird or a specific tiger.

    Let’s see…. other than that I like the dynamic between the 2 main characters. It feels very real to me (though of course I know nothing of romantic relationships so maybe take that with a grain of salt.)

    • It’s an actual thing; they’re called “otherkin.” One of the reasons I don’t expect this story to be accepted in the anthology is that it’s such a strange unknown belief structure and I don’t know if I made it make sense to people unfamiliar with it. But you grasped it so IDK?

      That’s an interesting point about there seems to be two different avenues in the structure. I might try to make that clearer, should only take a word or two thrown in.

      I’m glad you said it feels real. They certainly feel real to me πŸ™‚ I got way too invested in this story.

      I hope everything goes okay with your mom. Don’t get too stressed; I know you’re already stressed with classes.

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