The blog hiatus was a lie.  All I did was play Breath of the Wild.

Drabble: ?

She noticed something on her arm, and looked closer.  A scratch.  She didn’t recall how she got it.

Her best friend had always told her that such mysterious injuries were echoes of the past, of harm experienced in a previous life.

It wasn’t the first scratch she had gotten on her arm.  About once or twice a week she would find a mark on her forearm, long and straight and stinging sharply.

Just in case her friend was right, every time she found a new scratch she always directed a thought into the past, into her self.

I feel you.

2 thoughts on “Scratch

  1. Haha Does this mean you’re going to continue Black Heart? Seriously, this story and your hiatus have been on my mind for the past three days. This is the only longer piece of horror I’ve read in a while, so it’d be nice to get back into it again.

    • Yep, I’ll be posting more Black Heart hopefully starting tomorrow. I’ve been a bum about progressing on it but I think posting here will hold me accountable, if only in my own head.

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