Black Heart – Chapter V Part IV

Novel: Horror

Harper was waiting for him in the hall, half-asleep.  She hadn’t slept well in that chair, had probably only gathered about three hours of sleep from it.  But she hadn’t left him.

“Well that was pointless,” he told her as she stood.

She didn’t respond as they walked, but she stole glances at him out of the corner of her eye.

“Stop fucking staring at me,” he finally said.

“Did you tell them you spoke to it?”

He stopped to face her, huffing.  “I shouldn’t have even told you.”

“Ivers, what were we told when we caught our betas?  That they can speak, that they’ll say anything, that they’ll lie.  That they’ll try to gain control.”

“Right.  Don’t listen.”

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Black Heart – Chapter V Part III

One of my goals for the upcoming edit of this book is to work out the directors more.  I’ve been skimming over them and even calling them “the suits,” which is unfair because they do have their own personalities and places in the story.  For now, I’ll just post this scrap as is, which is not much.

Novel: Horror

“Are you certain you were overtaken?”

The directors stared at Bryan.  They might as well have shone a spotlight in his eyes.

“Yes,” he said.  “Due to the…violence I used against the Eternal.”  The violence, so far as the directors knew, was that he used his knife to attack.  He had been willing to give the whole truth, but Hussein wouldn’t let him.  It would keep him out of quarantine – maybe – but doubt gnawed at him.

Still, this wasn’t the time for quarantines.  The directors wouldn’t understand that.

Wallman looked down at his notes; he was always taking notes.  “Then how did you come back to your senses?”

Bryan swallowed hard.  “I don’t know.”

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