Record, a Story in Drabbles – part II

The hallway table held only a camera and some papers crumbled into balls. Will smoothed them out.

They were print-outs of the house’s realty listing. But Dan and Eva had bought the house months ago. It was strange to have the listing still hanging around.

The smeared ink of the pictures displayed a different house from the one Will stood in. The photos showed a pristine room furnished in country fashion. Will looked into the living room again, and saw the darkly draped furniture, the support beam remains of the wall Dan had knocked down, the tools littering the floor.

Record, a Story in Drabbles – part I

Will rang the doorbell, knocked on the door.

No one answered.

He fished the key out of his pocket. Eva had given it to him, and Dan didn’t know about it. Opening the door, he called out a Hello, but no answer came. No lights were on, and with the evening sun having fallen below the treeline, the hallway looked cold and dusky. The stairs rose up to the right, but Will looked into the rooms to the left and ahead.

Nothing moved. Will’s heartbeat seemed to fill the silence.

No one had heard from Eva or Dan in days.

The Search

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The house walks at night. Great creaking steps, keeping me awake as it stretches its foundations and carries me across the dark landscape. The view of the stars through the window sways drunkenly back and forth, one constellation framed then another. The roof bends close to my face and away again as it looks this way and that, searching for something in the night but I know not what.

It never finds it.

Only at daylight when it returns to its street, to its plot of land and settles do I fall asleep. If only I knew what it wanted.

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