The Apothecary

This is the last one from the list!  And this one was hard to come up with, probably only because it was the last.  As for other things, I’m working on rewriting some short stories that are part of a series, so I still might not be posting quite so much.


He held the tiny paper package out to her, and his leather mask slithered and roiled, as if something crawled beneath it. “This is the poultice for Midwife Bera.”

Though his hands were gloved Alisandra still felt her heart flutter when his fingers touched hers.

“Are you ill?” he asked. “Your face is flushed. I can prepare you something.”

“No!” Her cheeks grew hotter as she smiled at his kindness, always his kindness. “I’m fine.”

She sighed when the door closed behind her. How stupid to fall in love with someone who would never show you their face.


Bonus drabble for the prompt “blind,” based on my characters from Carbon.


It’s daylight when I wake. I can’t see this, but I know it. Just as I can’t see you, but I know you’re there. I hear your breathing and your soft snores.

I reach out and find your face inches from mine, and feel it with my fingertips. A straight and creased brow: indicative of a worrier. A roman nose: stubborn and fiercely independent. A heavy upper lip: a teller of truths.

But I knew all that already. Even last night when you told me you love me.

That’s unfortunate for both of us.

My love is only for sale.

Das Gift


In German this is called Gift. So this is a gift I give to you. I would never be able to hold you so closely, wrap my arms around your heart so entirely. I would never be able to mesh with you in every muscle and vein.

Can you feel it embrace your heart tighter with every beat? Can you feel it grasp your lungs so strongly you can’t take a breath? Can you feel it overtake you?

This is how much I love you.

This is how deeply I feel you.

This is the only way to show you.

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Drabble: Drama

He heard the incessant whine of the machines as he flatlined and the shaky last exhale from his lungs, and he was gone.

Two floors down, she gave her first cry, covered in blood and mucus.  The doctor cut her cord and handed her to her mother.  She didn’t stop crying.  Her soulmate was gone, taken away from her two floors above.

He drifted down to her, following her screams.  She opened her eyes and was silenced.  He was beside her, smiling to her in their greeting and goodbye.  He turned, and left her, and she knew not to cry.