Black Heart – Chapter X Part III

Novel: Horror

The further he got from the Office and the pair of cops by it, the more damage he saw – smashed windows, wrecked signs, pummeled vehicles. But whoever had done it all had moved on to another area. He only saw a few scattered suspicious types, with scarves over mouths or blunt objects in hand, and they didn’t acknowledge him.

He meant to walk aimlessly, but regardless he ended up at a bar he had once had to clean up, years ago. He remembered it because a woman had attempted to stab him while he was working. She hadn’t been possessed, just mentally ill and drunk. The bar’s owners had refurbished the place quickly, and a week later it was as if nothing had happened there.

Tonight the windows and door were smashed and kicked in, but the lights were on inside. Not hoping for much, he went in. There wasn’t much alcohol behind the bar, much of it having been scattered over the floor. A man stood among the remains, opening a bottle of vodka and pouring a great amount into a mug. He was a large man with large arms that could snap a neck, and hard lines on his face placed there by plenty of scowling.

“Got some of that for me?” Bryan asked, straddling the one upright stool at the bar.

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Black Heart – Chapter X Part II

Novel: Horror

He dreamed of the endless waste. On the crest of a hill he could see below him the figures traversing the dust, the full moon swallowed in their black robes. Above him the stars were innumerable, so deep and so bright in the clear stillness.

His demon was beside him. It was a woman here, with long black hair and an angular face and freckles that would look more at home under red hair.

He was angry at her. Furious. But so furious he couldn’t put it into words or even screams. He was frozen with rage and could only watch the figures go back and forth below him.

“Don’t be angry,” the demon said. “I told you the easy way. You chose the harder route.”

He said nothing, his vision red.

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Black Heart – Chapter X Part I

Novel: Horror

Wei came to Bryan’s office before Harper returned. There were riots and looting in eighteen different countries, Wei told him, and minor riots and looting in areas of Chicago. People were gathering outside the Offices, though the crowds were disturbed in Moscow and Jakarta when flocks of demons happened by.

“What can we say other than don’t panic?” Wei asked him. But Bryan got the feeling the question was rhetorical. Wei took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. “You mind?”

“Not anymore,” Bryan said.

“Good answer.” Wei put a cigarette to his lips and lit it. “You want one?”

“I don’t think I’d really enjoy it. Main thing is making sure our agents don’t get harassed by anyone in our crowd outside. We still need to work.”

“What for?”

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Black Heart – Chapter IX Part VIII

End of this chapter.

And I’ve finished writing this book it’s all down on paper oh my god.

Novel: Horror

Harper was speaking quietly to someone when Bryan got back to his office. He looked in to see her and Cam on the couch, his hands in hers. She was telling him something Bryan couldn’t hear. She saw him at the door and said to Cam “Okay?”

He gave a thin empty smile and nodded.

They were talking about you.

Was that Hussein’s voice, or the beta’s, or the gamma’s? Or just his own? Did he have his own voice anymore?

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Black Heart – Chapter IX Part VII

Novel: Horror

By the time Harper arrived for the night, Bryan had cleaned himself up along with the blood on the desk.

“Andrade says we have two Spotters tonight,” she said. “How many Possesseds do we have?”

“Four,” he said. “Not that it matters.”

“Andrade is hurt. What happened?”

“I attacked her.”

Harper didn’t speak at first, and Bryan didn’t look at her.

“So that’s why she wouldn’t tell me,” she said. “She said it wasn’t important.”

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Black Heart – Chapter IX Part VI

Just pretend for now that the dialogue between Bryan and Andrade in the beginning of the book wasn’t so clunky. I have a much better grasp on their personalities and relationship now, and it’s something I’ll be fixing in the second draft.

Novel: Horror

Back at his office, Sonia was waiting. Her eyes were red and puffy. She had been crying.

“Any news from the lab?” he asked her, nonchalant. He wasn’t hopeful for a positive answer.

She shook her head. “The readings haven’t deviated other than the EMP when Knowles went through two nights ago.”

Knowles. Not Knowles and the others who were lost forever.

“Then why are you here?” He didn’t mean to demand it, but it came out that way.

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Black Heart – Chapter IX Part V

I haven’t posted for five days because I can’t figure out how timezones work. I’m still not sure I have these specifics right. I has a dumb.

Novel: Horror

In the hall Bryan stopped and looked down the corridor. It was silent, only a nurse and the agents. Victims of demonic attack didn’t get a second chance. They didn’t get put on oxygen and ferried to the hospital to fight for their lives. They were sucked dry as bones, there one second and gone the next. The silence of the hallway pressed that into Bryan’s mind.

“It’s over,” he said to Harper. “We have two nights. We don’t have anything new to do.”

“We’ll send out this video,” she said. “Someone might have an idea.”

“Do you really think so or are you just saying that?”

She didn’t answer, as if she wasn’t sure herself.

He thought about the silence in the corridor, about Cam surrounded by Eternals and the darkness and the nothing. “I have to talk to it again.”

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Black Heart – Chapter IX Part IV

Continuing Cam’s story.

Novel: Horror

“A wild series of explosions sounded, rocking the ground and sending dust down on our heads from above. I thought I could see the light from them but it was hard to tell. It’s hard to tell anything when it’s that dark.

“’They’re feeding off the energy from the bombs,’ the voice explained. ‘The ones that didn’t get blown up, anyway. Not as filling as life energy, but we take what we can get.’

And you’re going to feed off us, I thought, but I couldn’t bear to say it. None of us could.

“One more explosion went off, this one even closer, and we gagged on the dust that showered down on us.

“’Kill us already,’ Molotch shouted at the voice in the darkness.

“It didn’t answer. It said no more. The voice’s owner may have already left. We demanded some answers from the others around us, but none would speak to us.

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Black Heart – Chapter IX Part III

Novel: Horror

Bryan insisted on going to the hospital. He said it was necessary to get all information quickly but surely everyone saw the real reason – he had to see Cam for himself. The ride there and the walk through the hospital doors into the stuffy heated air of the lobby was surreal, as if it had just hit him that what had happened – everything that had ever happened – was out of the realm of possibility. Approaching the agents in the hallway put up a defense in his head: he would speak to them and they would tell him they were mistaken, this was somebody else they had found, or they hadn’t really found anybody. Maybe he would wake up and it would be one of his rare dreams.

But when he got to them Reddy said “He’s woke up now. He’s very calm. We heard you were on your way and decided it would be best to wait for you.”

“Did he make it over?” Bryan asked.

Reddy nodded, fear in his eyes.

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It Decided

From a visual prompt from Horror Writing Prompts.

Drabble: Steampunk maybe?

It clicked and whirred, gears grinding as it hobbled down the street. She walked before him, the sunlight glistening in her fair curls, swinging her arms like they blew in the wind. It had decided today was the day.

In the shade of a building it reached out for her with a hand of creaking metal and touched her yielding skin. She swung around, gasped, shrank back against the wall. It reached out again as she clutched at her breast, her eyes wide and frightened.

It wanted to tell her. But it had no mouth.

She ran, like the wind.