Black Heart – Chapter VII Part II

These time frames are subject to change.

Novel: Horror

The thing heaved as it sucked in an enormous gasping breath.  A couple of Possesseds in the front row of the circle stepped back, and the containment wavered but held.  The Eternal smacked its bloodied lips and its eyes blinked open.  It continued to rasp breaths as its ribs knit back together, and it looked around as much as it could, frozen in containment as it was.  Its eyes fell on Bryan last.  Those eyes weren’t hateful or spiteful; they only regarded him coolly.  More coolly than the other two times they had looked at him.

“How did you get in here?” Bryan demanded.

She breathed in to speak, and coughed blood out.  Then she tried again, and her voice was thick and deep with an accent no one in this world had ever heard.  “I broke a window on the eighth floor.  Made handholds up the side of the building.”

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Black Heart – Chapter VII Part I

Now things get crazy.

Novel: Horror

Mouse was hard at work in his turn to chop up the prone body of the Eternal when Connors walked into the break room.

“This is very unhygienic,” Connors said, unperturbed.  “Where’s Hussein?”

“Hussein’s dead,” Bryan told him.

Bryan had expected to be hit with the realization once he put the demon away.  But the demon was away and Bryan was still empty about Hussein’s death, as if it were someone he didn’t know that had died.  The bite wound in his left side hurt worse than the loss of Hussein.  He didn’t know whether this was just another thing in the long list of things wrong with him or this were some stage of grief.  More than anything, he was angry that he didn’t feel anything.

Connors practically dropped his book.  “Dead?  How did this happen?”

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Sirens – Part II

Continuation of a very very old story I wrote.

Short Story: Horror

Todd tried to dissuade Will at first.  For days he talked of how hard it was, how stressful.  It appeared that he was terribly sorry he had ever gone to see Will in the hospital room in the first place, and Will was soon sick of Todd’s eyes giving him that pitying, downcast look every time they spoke.  Will was sure Todd was wary of how he would act once in an ambulance again, and on seeing a freshly dead person.  Will was wary too.  He wasn’t certain if he could handle it, but he knew he had to try.  His life was at stake, and he couldn’t let his old fears hold him back.

He had expected training, and lots of it, and he was prepared to wait and work through whatever he needed to learn, but to his surprise all that was required of him was to fill out a pile of paperwork, very little of which he bothered to read.  Will was joining them the next night, Todd told him.  When Will asked whether he didn’t have to train for the job, Todd only replied, “It’s on-site training here.  They’re already dead when we get them.  What’s the worst you could do if you messed up?”  Will found the idea of “experimenting” on unwilling subjects a bit unsettling, but said nothing.

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Sirens – Part I

At some point in college I took a creative writing course, where I had an amazing professor and learned that writing is awesome.  I hadn’t written since middle school, when I wrote a short story about a cat that could go through walls and other materials and was out for revenge on the man who had tried to kill it.  Sirens was the first story I wrote seriously for that creative writing class; it was based on a dream I had!  I’m not going to reread it, just gonna post it here in all its early writing crumminess.  It’s going to be posted in two parts.

Short Story: Horror

He was too young, and he shouldn’t have seen the wreckage.  But he had run away from his mother and she was at that moment on the other side of the crowd, screaming his name.  He paid her no mind and slipped between the onlookers, the gawkers flown to the scene to stare at the wonder.  He wanted to see what they were staring at, what they were standing on their toes to witness, peering over and between each others’ heads.  He could smell smoke and hear sirens, but he couldn’t see.  He had to see.  The sirens grew closer and he pushed his way in, muscling his way between the people as best he could until he finally broke out at the edge of the crowd.

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Black Heart – Chapter VI Part IX

End of this chapter, and end of Bryan moping around, at least for now.

Novel: Horror

It wasn’t until the third team possessed a second time that the gate opened.  Everyone in the conference room hushed and leaned forward as people on the laptop screen barked orders to possess.  It was strange to see it this way, with nothing to actually view as everyone in the synagogue was rocked back by a force invisible, as they all stood and some waved their arms about at air.  Some shouted “Over here” and “Help with these.”  To anyone with lesser knowledge of the scene, it would look ridiculous.

But everyone was holding their ground.  No one appeared to be in danger.  So why did Bryan still have that sick nagging alarm?

“I have to say, Hussein,” Cantrell said in that rasp of his.  “Your team is actually performing decently for once.”

Hussein leaned back in his chair.  “Why Cantrell, that’s actually civil of you for once.”

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Black Heart – Chapter VI Part VIII

Novel: Horror

“Good evening,” Hussein said as he entered his office.  He paused when he saw Bryan.  “You haven’t just been sitting there all day, have you?”

“No,” Bryan lied.  Or half-lied.  He had gone to the break room.  After which he had returned to Hussein’s couch to zone out some more.  “Did you sleep?”

“I did.”  Hussein was still looking at him.  “Did you?”

Bryan had already decided to tell him if it came up.  “I sleep but I feel as if I haven’t slept.  I can’t dream.”

Hussein set his coat and briefcase down and went to him, sitting opposite him in a chair.  Not beside him on the couch.  “It did something to your subconscious.  Took that too.”

“I won’t get it back, will I?  Even if I get my cards in my hands.”

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