It’s Happening!


Now that I’m going into full self-publishing mode, I think I’ll post a bit more about my processes here. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll be seeing my cover reveals and blurbs and such, but here I’ll talk about it all. If it can help another author, I’ll be pleased. If it can’t help another author, well, I’m new at this – give me a break!

Today I posted my very first cover tease. I used Bookbrush to create the image. They have templates for Instagram, Facebook, and more and more. Though I’m good at drawing with a pencil or pen, I’m not the best with digital artwork and planning, so this program is really easy for me. I happened to catch a coupon deal that included extra templates at a sale price, so I recommend checking around often to see if any coupons are available.

I’m leaving the cover tease up for a week, and next Wednesday I will be posting the cover reveal! These books are a series of six, so I’ll probably reveal one cover a week for six weeks (not counting the tease). The books themselves will be released beginning in May, with a couple of weeks between each. I want a rapid release for these six books to really get momentum built up in my sales.

God, I hope I have sales.

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