The Story of My Book Cover


My first ever cover reveal! I don’t have the link for the pre-order of the book yet, because Amazon needs to approve it first. Lesson learned, but not that big a deal; I’ll just make more posts everywhere when I do have the link.

Fay Lane was my cover designer, and boy did I ever need a cover designer. As I stated before, I am no good at digital art and layout, and I know even less about book covers. Yes, I tried making my own cover and no I will not show it to you because it is so terrible. I had to admit defeat and throw money at an actual cover artist. I lurk several book cover groups on Facebook, and it was just a matter of waiting until someone’s designs caught my eye – maybe it was on Book Design Cover Marketplace? Wherever it was, I’m very happy with the outcome.

If you want a good cover, expect to put down a lot of money. You’ve chosen an expensive hobby-turned-career, and contrary to popular belief it is not free to hit publish on Amazon (even if the act of hitting that button is free). You’re gonna need covers and an editor.

One of the main points me and Fay had to consider for this cover was… How much blood do we put on this cover? Clearly it needed to read as horror at a glance, but some things will get you relegated to Amazon’s dungeon of no ads and no promos. Too much blood is one, along with guns pointed at the audience and whatever silly thing they’ve recently decided about steamy romance / erotica (sometimes nipples are ok, sometimes not, I guess?) Thankfully I don’t have to worry about the latter two.

And THANK GOD I don’t have to put people on my covers! Just another wonderful thing about writing in the horror genre. Does anyone actually like people on book covers? No, no one does.

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